Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone make and appointment?

Yes. Men, Women, Couples, but I do not specialise in working with with those under 13 but can refer you on to someone who does.

What do you charge?

$110-00 per appointment paid on the day.If you are currently unemployed please discuss your situation with me when you make your intital phone enquiry. I am aware that many peoples financial situations have changed massively due to covid crisis.

Are you registered ?

Yes, I am registered with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors and my and undertake regular monthly supervision as well as undertaking ongoing Professional Development. I am bound by New Zealand Association of Counsellors Code of Ethics, learn more.

What if I cannot keep my appointment ?

If you cannot keep your appointment please let me know within 24 hours of your appointment time. Your time is reserved for you and cant be offered to anyone else unless you let me know.

How often do I need to come ?

Sometimes if we are nearly ready for change just one or two sessions can instill in us the confidence in deciding how to make a change and to work out a plan to actuate the change using strategies that we have explored in counselling.

Most people see me weekly but than can graduate to fortnightly or monthly meetings as your insight, motivation and resilience increases.

For those in crisis I can usally see more than once a week, if required.

Do you have appointments outside your office ?

Yes from time to time it is appropriate to meet outside the office, in the community for a particular purpose.

Do you see people more than once a week ?

Yes from time to time, when a client is in crisis, we will meet more than once a week while other supports and resources are put in place.

There is no extra charge for second meeting in any 7 day period.

Are you available on Zoom or Whats APP ?

Yes, I’m available on both.

Can I have counselling by phone ?

Yes, no problem !

Do you liase / collaborate with GPs, Psychiatrists ?

Yes but only with your written permission.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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